Copyright © Oldtimercarparts 2011. All rights reserved.  About us We are a leading company specializing in the manufacture of high quality car parts for oldtimers, mainly Mercedes Benz 190SL parts (W121) and W113 parts. We offer among others: carburator elements: fuel pumps to solex carburator, carburetor drain pipes, air intake pipes, fuel filter assemblies; electrical equipment: 190sl fuse boxes, reading lamps, tail lights, windscreen wiper repair sets, 190sl windshield washer foot pumps, spray nozzles, cable connectors; doors elements: window lifters, door brakes, locks, hinge plates, handles; collapsible parts: windshield post top hooks, top latches, stow position hooks, hardtop turnbuckles, end rail caps, roof tensioners; heating elements: heat distributors; accessories: 190sl inside mirrors, bases for inside mirrors, 190sl ashtrays, front bumper covers; seating: lock mechanisms and seat back adjusters; brakes: brake line tensioners; W113 parts: hard top rear window clip, inside mirror, hard top handle. We are the only manufacturer of 190SL parts such as: 190SL ashtrays, 190SL lamps, 190SL and W113 mirrors or fuse boxes. We manufacture retro products using high technology with attention to detail. We love what we do. Our work is our passion.